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What do you mean by all-natural?

We do not use any additives, preservatives or thickeners in our recipes.  After our salsa and pasta sauce is carefully blended, we use our unique High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology to extend the freshness without the need for heat-processing or unwanted preservatives.

Why is Cocina Fresca™ Salsa and Cucina Fresca™ Pasta Sauce packaged in a bowl?

In order for our High Pressure Processing (HPP) to be effective, we need to use flexible packaging.  Our plastic bowls enable the product to receive the greatest amount of pressure to ensure food safety.   The bowl allows us to deliver the best tasting, long-lasting, fresh products in the retail market. 

How long does the salsa and pasta sauce stay fresh?

The product is stamped with a ready fresh date which is 120 days from the date of manufacture.  Once opened, the product will remain fresh for 7-10 days when proper refrigeration is maintained.   

Can I eat the salsa or pasta sauce past the ready fresh date?

It is recommended that you eat the salsa or pasta sauce within 7-10 days past the ready fresh date.

Can I freeze the salsa and/or pasta sauce?

Freezing the product may cause some break-down in the vegetables leading to a change in texture.  Therefore, it is not recommended that you freeze the salsa when serving as a fresh dip.  The products can be frozen when the intended use is for cooking and heated foods. 

Are there any allergens in the salsa or pasta sauce?

There are no common allergens in the salsa and pasta sauce.  They are free of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, sesame seed, and shellfish.

I have to watch my sugar intake.  Is there any added sugar in the salsa and pasta sauce?

There is no added sugar in the salsa.  The only sugar in the salsa is that which naturally occurs in the tomatoes.  In the Cocina Fresca Salsa, there is 1g of sugar per 2 TBSP serving.    Likewise, the Cucina Fresca Garlic Robusto Pasta Sauce has no added sugar; just the naturally occurring sugar from the tomatoes.  The Cucina Fresca Garlic Robusto Pasta Sauce has 3g of sugar per ½ cup serving.  The Cucina Fresca  Garden Marinara and Cucina Fresca Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce recipes include granulated sugar.  They have 6g of sugar per ½ cup serving.  (Please see the ingredient statement on the package for details.)

What is the recommended method for serving the Cucina Fresca™ Pasta Sauce?

The Cucina Fresca Pasta Sauce can be brought to room temperature while you prepare your choice of pasta.  The pasta sauce can then be directly added to your cooked pasta.  Another method would be to slightly heat the pasta sauce in the microwave or on the stove-top range to take the chill out and then add to your choice of cooked pasta.  The pasta sauce can also be blended in the food processor if you prefer a more blended variety. 

Where can I purchase Cocina Fresca™  Salsa and/or Cucina Fresca™ Pasta Sauce?
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